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Creating & Growing Social Media Presences for Authors

Social media has become an integral part for authors who want to establish their brand to readers, promote their work to potential publishers, and connect with readers and fellow creatives.

Self taught social media professional Michelle Worthington has over 5 years experience helping authors elevate their online presence and connect with their audience through community engagement and crafting meaningful content.

A social media manager can help an author:

Creating authentic content is a priority area in order to grow your online author platform. Stories and words have power and when used in conjunction with visual content, they can have an incredible impact on your career.


Basic Package

$45 per week

Minimum 3 weekly posts Facebook and Instagram Posts with visual and written content.

Growth package

$299 per month

Minimum 12 posts per month across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest to best reach your target audience and promote followers with visual and written content.

Complete Package

$499 per month

Minimum 12 posts per month across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and Pinterest with written, visual and video content to establish and promote brand recognition.

Not sure what package to choose?

Contact Michelle for a free 30 minute online Author Platform assessment to determine which package is best for you.

Meet Michelle Worthington

International award winning children’s author

Michelle Worthington is an international award-winning author and business woman. Two-time winner of the International Book Award and finalist in the USA Best Book Awards, Michelle also received a Gellett Burgess Award and a Silver Moonbeam Award for her contribution to celebrating diversity in literature. Michelle was the recipient of the 2018 AusMumpreneur Gold Award for Business Excellence and the winner of the 2018 Redlands BaR award for Best Start Up Business.

​Michelle is also a real life book fairy. Her magic powers include turning coffee into award-winning books. As Founder of Anthology Angels, she waves her wand to coach aspiring authors and illustrators all over the world achieve their dreams of publication. Whether she’s a fairy, a mermaid, a pirate or an elf, Michelle celebrates empowering readers and storytellers to dream big.

Michelle is also available for speaking engagements, book signings and school visits. Discover more about Michelle, her work and collection of books here.


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