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Welcome to Share Your Story with Michelle Worthington

Do you have a story that you want to share but don’t know where to start?

Writing stories can seem like a very simple task, but there is learning and skill involved in bringing memorable characters to life. Anyone can write a story, but not everyone can write a book that becomes a child’s favourite, firing up their imaginations, evoking emotion and staying within their memories forever.

Share Your Story was created to provide aspiring authors with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to become a published author. International award-winning author, screenwriter and businesswoman Michelle Worthington will share her extensive industry knowledge with you and provide the basic principles behind story arc, character creation and world building, including pathways to publication.

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My goal is to inspire children to believe in themselves and encourage reluctant and special needs readers to fall in love with books.

- Michelle Worthington

Featured Courses

Write a Picture Book

What makes a good picture book? Where do you start? Is there a special format for submitting to publishers and agents? This self paced workshop will answer your questions and explore the concepts of forming ideas, editing, layout, illustrations and more.

Write and Share Your Story

Coming soon. Watch this space!

Social Media for Authors

Do you know how to create a social media presence? How can social media benefit us as authors? This course is for the emerging or established author who is looking to increase their knowledge around creating an online presence in order to share their story. 

Meet Michelle, the creator of Share Your Story

International award winning children’s author

Michelle Worthington is an international award-winning author and business woman. Two-time winner of the International Book Award and finalist in the USA Best Book Awards, Michelle also received a Gellett Burgess Award and a Silver Moonbeam Award for her contribution to celebrating diversity in literature. Michelle was the recipient of the 2018 AusMumpreneur Gold Award for Business Excellence and the winner of the 2018 Redlands BaR award for Best Start Up Business.

​Michelle is also a real life book fairy. Her magic powers include turning coffee into award-winning books. As Founder of Anthology Angels, she waves her wand to coach aspiring authors and illustrators all over the world achieve their dreams of publication. Whether she’s a fairy, a mermaid, a pirate or an elf, Michelle celebrates empowering readers and storytellers to dream big.

Michelle is also available for speaking engagements, book signings and school visits. Discover more about Michelle, her work and collection of books here.

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